What is a content delivery network?

AT&T’s Content Delivery Network Service (CDN)

Expand your reach and receive highly-secure content delivery

Content Delivery NetworkSlow website loading decreases customer satisfaction and leads to higher bounce rates, so don’t limit your content; “a slow connection can make or break your company’s online presence.” Leverage AT&T’s CDN Solutions and take your rich media global, and into the fast lane.

Secure your Content

You need Insurance and Assurance—We have the solutions to defend your content from DDoS, web applications and DNS infrastructure attacks. 

Global security issues are rampant. For example, according to dedicated sources, “there’s been a massive upsurge in brute force login attempts following the leak of a database of 1.4 billion clear text credentials, as well as, aggressive brute force attacks so severe recently, that it’s been the highest by hourly attack volume seen in years. Attacks have peaked at 14.1 million attacks per hour, total number of IPs involved has been over 10,000 and they’re seeing up to 190,000 WordPress sites targeted per hour.”

Load Balancing Solution

AT&T’s Global Traffic Manager: allows Internet users a reliable pathway to your website(s) and IP applications. The Traffic Manger uses an Internet-centric approach to global load balancing to provide scalable and reliable access and responsiveness to user requests.

The traffic manager is a “highly redundant solution that makes intelligent routing decisions and improve response times and mitigate traffic impact by addressing real-time Internet conditions.”




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